Toca Hair Salon 2


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Toca Hair Salon 2 is a mobile game developed by Toca Boca that allows players to become hair stylists and experiment with various hairstyles and colors. The game is available on both iOS and Android devices and has received widespread popularity among kids and adults alike.


At first glance, the game's graphics are impressive, with vivid colors and animated characters that look like they came straight out of a cartoon. The game's soundtrack is also enjoyable, with upbeat and catchy tunes that match the game's whimsical style.


The gameplay itself is straightforward and intuitive. Players choose a character to work on from a diverse cast of virtual customers and then proceed to style their hair. Players can cut, comb, and style hair as they see fit, with a variety of tools at their disposal, including scissors, clippers, hairdryers, and more.


One of the standout features of Toca Hair Salon 2 is the sheer number of customization options available to players. The game offers a vast array of hairstyles to choose from, including afros, cornrows, buzz cuts, and more. Players can also choose from a wide range of hair colors, including natural shades like blonde and brown, as well as more vibrant hues like green and pink.


Another notable feature of the game is the ability to accessorize the hair with a variety of hats, glasses, and other items. Players can also take pictures of their creations and save them to their devices for later viewing or sharing with friends.


The game is also designed to be inclusive and celebrates diversity. The cast of virtual customers includes characters of various ethnicities, skin tones, and hair types. This representation helps players learn about and appreciate different cultures and hair textures.


Despite all of its positive features, the game does have some limitations. The game's replayability may be limited for some players who have exhausted all the customization options. Additionally, the game does not offer much in terms of a narrative or storyline, making it a purely creative and exploratory experience.


Overall, Toca Hair Salon 2 is a well-designed and engaging game that offers players an outlet for their creativity and imagination. The game's graphics and soundtrack are charming, and the customization options are vast and diverse. While it may not offer much in terms of a narrative or storyline, the game is still a fun and enjoyable experience for players of all age


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