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Rovio Classics: Angry Birds is the classical version of Angry Birds that you always wanted to play. This game is the same as how I remember it used to be and even the symbol looks the same as how it used to be. The game doesn’t have a lot of downloads because I think the game is newly released and it’s part of the replication of the original game. I don’t know what happened to the oldest version of the game but I would have guessed the game producers make this game run more smoothly since the technology improved over the decade and making the game compatible with all devices can be one of the other things that the producers might have done.


Anyway, I don’t know what happened to the oldest version of the game but this game does require a dollar for some reason. It’s just shocking to hear about a game that we used to play and download for free now causing money for us to get it. It’s not the money that matters to the players since it’s only one dollar but the fact that the company is getting more commercial and less interacted with the players like how it used to. It’s always sad to see a generation of great games disappear as time passes on.


The game still talks about how the birds are challenged and the only way to get a safer place to save the species is to go nuts on the pigs who stole their eggs. I know acts of revenge aren’t ideal but sometimes you would have to do it to get justice. Birds of different kinds have different abilities that have been used on different pig defense systems. The pigs look cute but the greedy and murky emotions on their face make it more tolerable for players to shoot birds at them. The game is based on real-life physics and sometimes on luck. If you want to get full stars in some of the challenges. I would give you the advice to try multiple times as sometimes the direction it’s taking is correct but the timing could be the possible reason for not getting enough points. If that didn’t work, then you should try something else other than that.


Although the game might cost one dollar, it’s totally ad-free which is just great. Finally once in a while, I don’t have to deal with ads with the cost of only one dollar. And I can’t believe how long it was since Angry birds came out and it’s been like 11 years already. This replication of the game still has the same amount of challenges for you to delve into. Your main objective in this game, as discussed in the last paragraph, is to get three stars but also you should try to find the golden eggs as they will have the rewards you always wanted.


It’s just a very nostalgic game and if you haven’t played Angry Birds game before, then this game might not be your first choice in my opinion. This version of the game is for those who want to go back in time and for those who still want to have the old fun that we used to have. The physics system in the game is different from the original version of the game which is kind of a disappointment but I know how hard it is to bring everything back. The mechanism feels some sort of different as well, but I’m still thankful to them to bring this game back to our lives and make it happen to the fans which means a lot.

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