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AmongChat, Match& Voice Chat is a great app that will allow you to talk with your friends and others if you ever want to! It will grant you the chance in the game to talk to one another as well when you are just walking around as Crew and imposters. This feature can be considered as a little extension of the game to allow for more interaction and to be able to talk freely when you prefer to.


This is also a good app for you and your friends and other players to start a conversation outside of the game and even start playing a match directly through the app itself. It’s a like a focus group or a group of people who share the same interest a chance to be open to one another. This app is not just for those who play Among us. It has other games like Roblox and Minecraft and so all. This can be the new Facebook or Snapchat for those who are all interested in gaming together.


I think one of my favorite features of the app is the fact that you can have your own little group just like discord and you can invite those who want to play the games when you want to it’s a great platform for you to just chill. It’s also a good place to find friends even though those who download the app might be young. There are more features that in the app that are an extension of the chatting purpose. Like the pet system, which I love a lot, those cute animals and creatures just have my heart every time I’ve seen them on the app. You will be able to have a relaxing time with those pets as well if you ever need a break from your friends or just want to be left alone for a while. You can understand the app as a discord but that’s mainly set up for those who are interested in gaming in certain areas.


The emoji and sticker feature on the app is awesome and I couldn’t express how much I like them. But despite all the possible features the app possesses, it still suffers a lot of complaints from the players. As one of the players has mentioned, the app will stop running in the middle of a conversation when you are completely logged in and I think if the app can’t even support their job as the communication and interaction tool, there isn’t any point of downloading the app because it’s practically useless. The app won’t synchronize data across smartphones which can be super stressful for those who bought new phones or switched devices. But the developers are still paying a lot of attention to the app and they are trying to help the players to get everything straight. I love the developers for that because they are active to solve problems for players and they are monitoring what the players have to say and keep making great updates on the app. I would give up the app if the developer is unresponsive.


It’s a great in-game and out-of-game chatting platform! If you haven’t already, you should try it out to seek your group and the people and the crowd that might interest you. Overall, it’s an appealing app with features that are more than chatting and talking and offer more than just interaction. It can be a little tricky for kids or teenagers that are young because the internet is a place where others can play the role of potentially aggressive and harmful messages to another.

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