Toca Kitchen 2


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Toca Kitchen 2 is another great game that belongs to the Franchise of Toca Series. If you are interested in cooking a meal in real life or you’ve been afraid to try to cook meals, this game will be your best go-to place. It will grant you the chance to make different cuisines of all fashions. The fact that you can make the most basic meals or the fanciest meal makes the game more fun.


You will not be successful at the beginning and you will make plenty of mistakes. It’s the progress of getting better and better over time, not in rush. The fact that this still shows infinite numbers of creativity and imagination makes me fall in love with the Toca Series again. For instance, you can put a watermelon in an oven to see what will happen to the strawberry soup. It might sound disgusting and unappealing, but trust me, you don’t have to waste any material in real life if you are playing the game. The game is trying to tell you to get out there and try to cook a meal even if it’s in your imagination or the fact that you know it won’t be successful or taste good. I’m not the biggest fan of how the characters look in this game because I was expecting the characters to cute looking but I guess I’m run. But I do love how the kitchen is set up and all the things you need in a real-life kitchen are included in the game so you don’t have to worry about missing an ingredient or missing a spatula and things like that.


The funniest and most interesting thing in the game is trying the things you made. I know right, it sounds so cool and dope. I couldn’t stop laughing the first time I heard the instructions. Because I know what I made is not gonna taste good, but fortunately, I won’t be drinking the juice in real life but pretending of drinking it in a mobile game. There are all the fruits and vegetables that you can choose from to cook your meal and maybe “surprise” your guest with how good your cooking style is.


It’s an exceptional cooking game that doesn’t follow the norm of other kitchen or cooking games. It’s special and unique because you don’t have a moral compass or simply a standard to make things taste good. It’s about the process that matters the most and although your kitchen might be a mess in the game, you will enjoy the game the most compared to other cooking games in my opinion. The interaction between your character and the customers has to be one of the best features in the game since I love how they can always give that sound of “ew”. And the game keeps updating which means more ingredients and things are being added after updates. It’s about fun in the game and that’s pure. There are no time limitations or anything like that! Just have a blast!


The game unfortunately has been rough on some players as it will keep crashing for no reason. I mean the game cost 4 dollars to get but if it keeps crashing and there isn’t any refund policy. It seems like 4 dollars down the drain for nothing. I feel bad for those players who have been through conditions like that and hopefully the developers will be able to fix this problem as soon as possible. But other than that, a great game is rising above and I love this game so much to the fullest!

By JoJo | Copyright © Game Nook - All Rights Reserved

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