Miraculous Crush : A Ladybug & Cat Noir Match 3


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Miraculous Crush: A ladybug & Cat Noir Match 3 is another great Miraculous series that will give you basically everything you will ever need from a mobile game. The game is also about solving puzzles that can’t be solved by others but you.


You will be using the ability Jewels to get to the highest score in every stage and your main objective in the game is to fight against villains just like how you would imagine yourself doing if you are on the TV. There aren’t any surprises in the basic foundational mechanism of the game, it’s still a match three puzzles game. It just has the Miraculous Ladybug features in it and there are 200 levels for players to try out. I mean, compared to other match-three puzzles, it might not be that much of a challenge since it’s only 200 levels but believe me, you will spend hours and hours on the game if you are not mastering the game.


The game offers you the option to collect the characters that you love seeing in the cartoon as well, so I would guess that kids who are obsessed with the cartoon would love to play this game and collect their favorite characters. There are different objectives and obstacles that you will overcome over time. The villains are also in all shapes and forms so you would have a total blast seeing all of the amazingly designed characters that come from the developer’s hand.


Now let’s discuss a little bit about the game. I’m not the biggest fan of their interaction page and their UI design in the game is just hideous not gonna lie. The match-three puzzle is fun to play but the tiny character faces on the puzzles that differentiate from one another is just hard not to laugh because it’s so funny looking but not in a good way. The graphics and the smoothness of the game can be improved a lot and I don’t know if the developers haven’t done anything about it yet. The little Paris map in the game is pretty refreshing to look at and it’s based on the true story of the cartoon which is quite relatable to a lot of cartoon viewers. The star rating system in the game will grant you the ability of how good you really are, just like how Candy Crush would be able to represent your skills to you. Also, the plot set in this game can be an intriguing feature for players to have fun but I feel like the lines that those characters are way more too naive which I get, it’s not necessarily a game for adults to play. But still, it could have better formatting and the lines can be less cheap than what it is right now.


The background music in the game is good and it’s fun to play the game once in a while when you don’t have a cellular connection or simply just trying to have a relaxing time. But the game will disappoint you at some point because it will start crashing for no reason.s The game also won’t load anything in the context after level 66 and the problems seem to exist over the years. The developers haven’t said anything to the reviews and those players’ complaints which I feel bad for all of us. If the developers can do something to change the circumstances and do more maintenance on the game and make sure those bugs and glitches won’t reoccur, I think more old users of the game will stick to the game.

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