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The game called Disney Frozen Free Fall is a game that will challenge you to a thousand levels of different missions and you will be able to put yourselves through all that mysterious and interesting obstacles if you choose to. The game will take place in the kingdom of Arendelle which is the country where Princesses reside and it’s based on the storyline in the movie Frozen you can spend time with Anna and all her pals, Elsa, and so on. You will love this game because it’s free and have a simple mechanism that you can get used to immediately and the fact this app is related to the movie. It grants the game downloads since there are billions of people who know the movie.


I feel like the main targeted audience in the game is those who love Frozen as a movie instead of the game itself. This can be a brilliant short-term strategy to get people to download the game and play it for a while but it’s definitely not sufficient for the long run. People would be more likely to uninstall the game right after they get bored with the in-game content or the game functions. It’s a period where everything is replaceable so consumers or I should call it, game players are less likely to invest the majority of their time in just one game. It’s all about how they feel about the game and if the games are appealing to them at all. So if the developer wants to keep the community active, tons of updates and necessary maintenance in the game would be more than necessary because those are the big factors that will play a part in keeping the players loyal to the game.


The game will take you to this wonderful land and you will be unlocking more seasonal mysteries and game modes as the game goes on. There are other possible Disney characters that you will see and you should be able to have a good time with them even if you don’t know them too well. I feel like this feature would be super beneficial for those who aren’t quite familiar with Disney but still are quite curious about Disney movies. Because it will remind you how many different characters there are and what each one’s names are. Also, the game will take some time and effort as it progresses to more and more.


So if you are in rush and want to see your favorite character, then this game won’t be exactly what you are expecting. The game will ask you to unlock your favorite character so it most definitely takes time for players to enjoy the game first. The storyline of the characters in the game is quite similar to the details in the movie and they each possess unique abilities and special powers. For instance, there is this Anna’s torch to set up the crystal on fire. It sounds cool and looks cool so please don’t hesitate to try it out when you can.


The game does have its downsides and sometimes it would take forever for its load and there are times when the glitches will happen to ask you to redo those missions and levels. It’s a pain if you are like me who prefers to do something new instead of doing the same thing over and over again. There are also instances for players where all their rewards are just magically disappointed for no good reason. This game has been all over the place for no reason now, it’s not what it used to be which is quite annoying.

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