Evony: The King's Return


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Conquer foreign lands and build a mega kingdom combining 7 different kingdoms and be the king! You can realize all these aspirations in this puzzle game called Evony: The King’s Return. Frankly speaking, it is more than a puzzle game because it features cool concepts of wars and kingdoms so players will have a full adventure experience during the gameplay. The game is developed by TG Inc. and contains in-app purchases for those who might want to have more extra paid services. So far, Evony: The King’s Return has received an average rating score of 3.5 stars on Google Play together with 611k reviews. More than 100 million players have installed this game on their mobile devices. Technically speaking, this game is recommended for players aged at or above 7 years old.


The game contains multiple levels for players to challenge and cities will be built after passing a certain amount of levels. Your ultimate goal is to expand your empire and be the king of 7 kingdoms. This is a real-time strategy game with the newly launched features of 2023. It is rich in content and has diverse types of puzzles. Within each type of puzzle, there will be over one thousand levels for players to challenge. As a strategy game, it will sharpen your mind as well as skills, which is a good opportunity to brainstorm within a short period. What’s more, apart from the challenging yet intriguing puzzles, players can also have visual enjoyment by appreciating the excellently designed puzzle scenes. At the beginning of the game, you will be offered a chance to choose between 7 different ancient civilizations to start your kingdom from scratch. Be it Chinese, American, Japanese, European styles, and so on! You will play multiple roles in the game. At first, you are your kingdom’s diplomat and you are expected to make friends with other kingdoms and form strong alliances for future cooperation. To manage that, you need to come up with wise strategies and refine them throughout the way. Moreover, you are a warlord. Start battles and win the fights to expand your land. To do so, you need to select and train your troops until they become killing engines. By observing on the World Map, you can enjoy watching the real-time battles going on all around the world in other kingdoms. After winning the battles and expanding your land, you will deal with the governing affairs to administrate your cities. Strengthen your leadership skills while learning how to improve your resource management strategies. By recruiting legendary generals like Abraham Lincoln and Genghis Khan, you as the monarch will win battles effortlessly and your cities will develop more powerfully. Those generals can be captured from other kingdoms after you defeat their monarch.


In sum, Evony: The King’s Return is an extremely fun game featuring cool concepts. Its graphic designs are of top quality and the game mechanics are easy to grasp. The multiple levels, types of kingdoms, and generals enrich the content and bring players even more fun. The game is free of charge although it contains in-app purchases. Yet, there are still some drawbacks to overcome. For instance, the customer support is lame and players can’t get help in time. Also, as a result of the recent updates, the time and energy that one needs to invest in the game to progress gets increasingly and exponentially multiplied. Despite that, this game is worth a try, no matter whether you are willing to spend money on this game or not, it will always surprise you.

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