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Disney Frozen Adventures is another great Disney franchise game that has all the Disney elements that you would love. To be honest, if you are a Disney fan all of the details are well thought through on the CGs and the introductory videos, but if you go on the game, you will realize that the game has fewer of the frozen elements. Also, the game should be called frozen snow instead of what it is with all the Disney advertisements. The snow features and the ice features in the match three puzzles would make more sense to its title.


The game wasn’t published too long ago but the background doesn’t feel modern at all. I feel like the developers won’t try their best to set everything up and design and build features seem quite limited according to my opinion. The Arendelle structure which a lot of you might refer to as a giant castle looks quite amazingly build and full of details on the contrary. I feel like the decorations you can put on the castle is the first time I’ve seen something like that in a video game. Its choices of decoration are limited but I like the vibe the game has for us.


The puzzles have different modes you can play with and side abilities you can use to make the game more interesting and more powerful. You can explore Arendelle and pretend it’s a small town that you live in. You can get away from realities in the game by having conversations with those characters you will see in the movie. If you are a big movie fan, then you will love this game because you can pretend that you are in a world with magic and your friends are those characters in a snowy world.


The world of gameplay is based on the movie Frozen 2 and you can take on this adventurous journey in the snowy and frozen world. There are hundreds of small games you can choose from and play. Your main and only objective is to collect as many as snows flakes as possible to decorate the castle as we talked about, it will appear amazing if you spend time and collect as many snowflakes as possible. The game will progress over time and over time you will be able to explore new locations in the town.


The competition in the game can be challenging from some perspectives but a lot of the contents are quite accessible so you shouldn’t spend too much time worrying about the game being extremely difficult or anything like that. The coloring of the game is simple and still gorgeous, and I love how they price things in the game because everything seems so reachable. To refer to everything, I meant all the in-game content. It’s not like you have to spend a thousand bucks in this game to get to the top tier. But you can always spend some casual money in the game to get the decorations or anything else you want to get.


One of the best things about the game and the developers have to be the fact that they give feedback to players with those warm-hearted messages. This is the game spirit that I love seeing and I wouldn’t hesitate at all to play more games from the studio for being how nice they are. I love seeing more content from these guys and future updates on the game. Overall, it’s a good game you can try to relax in and it might differ from the other Disney games that you will probably see around the market, but still, it’s worth at least a few hours of your time in this world of gaming.

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