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Elmo Calls by Sesame Street is an engaging educational app designed to entertain and educate young children while introducing them to the world of communication technology. Developed by the Children's Television Workshop (CTW), the app is designed for users aged three to five years old, and it's vibrant graphics and sound effects make it an impactful tool for early learning.

Elmo Calls is a video chat-style platform where children can have virtual conversations with Sesame Street's beloved character, Elmo. The app is available on both iOS and Android platforms and can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play Store.

Upon downloading and launching the app, users are greeted with a colorful home screen that features an image of Elmo and his phone. To begin the virtual call, children simply select Elmo's photo and tap the call button. The app will then connect to the call and produce a ringtone until Elmo answers.

Once Elmo appears on the screen, he greets the child and engages in a fun conversation, asking questions and offering positive reinforcement. The child can choose from various conversation topics, including emotions, routines, and fun activities, and Elmo will customize the conversation accordingly. Elmo's responses are dynamic and varied, and he navigates each conversation with charm and humor.

One of the key features of Elmo Calls is the ability to personalize the call. Children can upload photographs to the app, which Elmo will integrate into the conversation, making it a more interactive and fun experience. The app also allows children to record their conversations with Elmo and save them for later viewing, making the experience more memorable.

Another notable aspect of the app is its educational value. Elmo Calls offers a range of activities that focus on communication skills development. For example, in one activity, Elmo challenges children to identify and match similar emotions to the ones he displays. In another activity, Elmo encourages children to practice their turn-taking skills by taking turns in conversations.

In addition to the conversation and game features, the app also includes a feature that allows children to leave a voice message for Elmo. Children can record and save their messages, and Elmo will respond to them later. This feature serves as a useful tool for developing children's language and communication skills.

Overall, Elmo Calls by Sesame Street is a fun and engaging app that introduces young children to the world of communication technology. The app features Sesame Street's beloved character, Elmo, and offers a range of conversation topics and activities designed to promote communication, social skills, and early learning. The app's interactive features, personalization options, and educational value make it a valuable tool for parents and educators looking to introduce young children to technology in a safe and engaging way.

As with any technology that involves children, it is important for parents to supervise and limit screen time. However, with the right balance, Elmo Calls can be an effective tool in developing children's communication and social skills while also providing a fun and positive experience.

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