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Papa Louie Pals is a great sub-product of papa Louie’s great franchise. In this game, you will be able to follow Papa Louis’ extremely well-thought world. You are in the central world of creativity and you will be making characters and stories in this game. It’s all about imagining the possibilities and making sure that your imagination is used fully in the game.


You will be able to design and save your unique friends in the game and there are plenty of opportunities for you to build and set up connections easier than ever. If you are someone who is lacking in interpersonal relationships, or what someone ideal for you to be your friend, this game will be right for you. You can choose what they look like and you get to choose what body types you’d prefer them to have. There are plenty of options for you to make your choices. There are different skin tones and hair colors. I feel like the selection is very broad and should satisfy everyone’s needs even an adult. There are also additional details that can be made about the character which I love doing a lot. I know this might sound naive or this isn’t something that an adult would be doing daily. But the game does work its magic toward me and it’s not that bad to go back in time and do a couple of small things that we used to do, right?


There are also varieties of clothing that you can take a tour around the closet. I mean, if you are a girl who wants to be a stylist, this game would fit just fine for you with that enormous amount of clothes. Also, even if you just want to play around with it, it’s still worth your time as well. Not to mention the fact that you can even change the colors on the clothes to make them look pretties or fit better on different people. What about if you are not looking for a make-up or giving styles to others? What if you are just trying to tell a story in the game or trying to connect to your virtual friends? Well, don’t sweat about it, the game has everything you will need.


First, you can set up your background. The ability to place your virtual pal anywhere you want in the setting makes the game more freedom and also more options to choose from. The mechanism of how to manipulate them is also quite self-explanatory and pretty straightforward. You just drag your fingers on the figures and try your best to minimize them or enlarge them by simply using one hand if that’s what you’d prefer. Also, you can choose to position them differently as you wish to, and giving them different postures would make the game so much more fun. I love giving them those iconic looks that I know will look good on them. Like I want to make them seem funny but at the same time match their personalities. So we are back at the basic ideology and understanding of the game as I described in the first paragraph, it’s about how you choose to go with the game.


Overall, I think it’s a great game that’s suitable for many people across all age groups. Especially for those who might be interested in making a connection to characters that are designed for them or just want to have a fun time making fashion styles of those characters. It’s totally up to you for you to decide what you want to do in the game of Papa Louie Pals.

By Eric | Copyright © Game Nook - All Rights Reserved

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