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Minecraft Sticker Pack is an apple store app that can only be downloaded on IOS devices because you won’t be able to get it from Google play based on my search. This eliminates a lot of people who might be interested in getting the app which is a shame. I would want to see more people who are able to download the app and feel what it’s really like. The app has the content exactly what you will be expecting, it’s an app for cute Minecraft stickers and nothing more.


You will be able to download the app and use the app contents in your Imessage as long as you have the setting right. The number of stickers in the app is quite limited so if you are wishing for something that has a thousand Minecraft Stickers. Then this app isn’t for you by all means. The stickers, however, are well made. There will be your favorite characters and you can respond to text messages directly by putting the emotions or feelings you have in the message. The TNT sticker had me in the first place because it’s one of the most used things in my gameplay and I can’t imagine a Minecraft world without the presence of TNT. I love blowing stuff up in the creative mode and the app grants me the ability to see this symbol of Minecraft in a daily everyday sense. There are also the diamond sword stickers that remind me of chopping sheep or cows in pieces with this thing in the game. The pig in the train ram and the stone cart carrying it make me laugh so hard when I first saw it because it’s so brilliantly designed.


The app will be a good fit for those who are obsessed with Minecraft and if you are such a big fan, I would bet you wouldn’t hesitate a single second to get the app immediately because it has Minecraft content. I wish this app can be more applicable to more apps like Instagram and Snapchat since not everyone uses iMessage to talk to other people. And the fact that the app costs about two dollars makes no sense to me. It’s just a limited set of pictures and memes and emojis that can be easily found online. The app should only be an easier tool for people to gather their Minecraft stickers. The app developer needs to make money which I understand but I feel like this app isn’t even worth two dollars so I will be more on the boat if the app only costs one dollar. For all I see, that’s how much the app should be worth. That’s probably one of the reasons that the app only has a small number of downloads.


One thing that bothers me the most has to be the fact that the app stopped updating for such a long time and the developers haven’t thought about getting the app fixed or updated at all. This is such a shame and I feel like if the developers update the app every month with the trend of modern-day technology, the app will thrive because more players will need the stickers to talk to their Minecraft friends or family members. The Minecraft industry isn’t stalled and it’s still expanding at a fast paste. So I would say if someone can come up with an updated Minecraft series of stickers, it will be a hit of the decade and there will be the majority of the Minecraft fans won’t hesitate for a single minute to spend money or at least download the app.

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