Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom


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The ultimate Sega running game called Sonic Dash 2: Sonic Boom is one of the most popular games that’s on the market. The game will take place in the new show called Sonic Boom and you will be playing as Sonic and his friends and run infinitely. It’s like Subway Surfer if you are confused but in the sense of Sonic element.


It’s a 3-D world so the map is well made and there are challenges you can get as you become better and better. You are able to choose your favorite character which makes the game more fun because it’s not just limited to Sonic anymore. The graphics and the processing of in-game content, from my experience, are pretty smooth so way to go Sega. The game feels like it’s designed for kids but there are a lot of modes you can choose from so adult players can still have a good time with all those options.


One problem I noticed about this running game is the fact that people won’t spend too much time on the game on a daily basis. It’s more like the fact that: “Oh, I got nothing else better to do, so why not just play Sonic Dash 2 for 10 minutes.” And the next thing you know, they will open the app 30 days afterward or eventually uninstall the app after a while. The perception of the game is limited to a game experience of a couple of minutes not long as an hour. And people get bored of the game quickly after playing it for a long time.


If you are interested in what kinds of modes there are in the game, well there are team modes where you can play with others to compete in teams. You will have different characters set up in a form of a team that you think will fit your objective the best. There are also abilities that you can use by tilting your phone to the side or just dragging your finger across the screen. There are daily missions and rewards you can get. The mechanism is similar to Subway Surfer but the game does feel more futuristic and more adventurous. I love how the map looks with those interesting-looking bombs. The energy circle or whatever it’s called looked so cool when I saw it for the first time. So you are a big runner game fan, I would totally recommend you to try out this game since it will have the elements that other games won’t have.


The game also makes a tribute to the show and that’s where a lot of players playing for. The ads and the constant glitches seem to bother me a lot. The game is quite challenging and the price of each character are in absurd amount. If the developer would pay more attention to what the players have to say, then the game will become better and better in the long run.


There isn’t too much more to about the game besides being a great runner Sonic game. It’s suitable for all age groups and there isn’t any harmful information you can get from the game the game will function smoothly on all models of phones as long as you don’t run into weird bugs. It’s always exciting to play a such game since there is a lot to see and understand as a new version of the running game. I’m glad that there are differences in runner games as more and more games are being published but I look forward to seeing more of the different functions and features.

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