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Spin the wheel and become the coin master! In this slot game, you will gather with your friends on Facebook as well as millions of other players worldwide in the raid of the villages and build your Viking village to surpass others. Developed and launched by Moon Active, Coin Master has been rated with an average score of 4.7 stars out of 5 and has received 8.93 million reviews. What’s more, more than 100 million players across the globe have installed this game on their mobile devices, showing the game’s popularity and influence worldwide. Although the game is free for players to enjoy, it also contains in-app purchases in case players want to have more extra services and features. In the game, you will get involved in a series of events and actions, varying from attacks, wheel spinning, and raids. Challenge your friends and wait to see if you will make it through across these magical lands.

Coin Master is attractive and addictive because of the following features. Firstly, players can obtain loot by spinning the wheel, which will take not a lot of effort but mere fortune. The rewards and bonus could be either the increased attack time, shield, raid chances, or loot. By winning loot after spinning the wheel, you can save your time from repeated raids and directly use those coins and gold sacks to build up your own village. If you happen to win a shield, you can take advantage of it to protect your village against the attack of others. Secondly, while defending your village against the attacks of others, you can also raid other villages to acquire others’ resources as loot. It is a perfect chance for you to get revenge on enemies who have raided your village before and rob all their fortunes away! You might come across unexpected treasures in other villages, which will bring you endless coins. Thirdly, cards are waiting for you to collect so that you can complete the sets to unlock new villages. Fourthly, you can take this game as a wonderful opportunity to interact with your friends and trade your collected cards with them. There will be a lot of fun with more people around!

This game is successful because it activates players’ motivation by enabling them to win all kinds of awards by spinning the wheel and their friends can actively interact with them in the game too. Therefore, players will feel a great sense of achievement and fulfillment throughout the process. Additionally, millions of players are busy with the game all around the world, offering you precious chances to make foreign friends. Finally, the game is fun yet costs not a penny for players to enjoy. And it also provides players with paid services if they are in need. Although Coin Master is indeed an impressive game, it still has some disadvantages. To start with, the game is filled with in-game pop-ups and players will bump into those ads every time they relaunch the app. Also, once you add your Facebook friends or real-life friends to the game, your friends’ villages will be attacked by your army instantly, which might lead to unhappy experiences between you and your friends. Therefore, players should pay attention to that and be cautious when trying to add Facebook friends to this game.

In sum, Coin Master is an excellent slot game combining amazing features of attacks, which will make players whole-heartedly engage in its various events and activities. Thus, players should definitely try this game and hope they will have a good time spinning the wheel.

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