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Having won the Editors’ Choice Award on Google Play, Candy Crush Saga will bring you an unforgettable matching and puzzle-solving experience. This legendary puzzle game is developed by King and contains more than a trillion levels for players to challenge, what are you waiting for? Get ready and dive into the Candy Crush Saga world immediately! The game is rated with an average score of 4.6 stars out of 5 on Google Play, and 36.8 million players have left their reviews on this game. Candy Crush Saga has been installed more than one billion times by players worldwide, which is a rather amazing performance. 

All it takes is to swipe and match blocks in different colors and you can't wait to see the candies start to blast in a row! The game effect will bring you breath-taking visual enjoyment. The game rules are easy to comprehend, and players only need to match 3 puzzles in a role in order to eliminate the candy blocks. However, it requires players to act quickly and think of wise strategies as quickly as possible within a certain amount of time and moves. Once you manage to make a match, you will be rewarded with sugar bonuses as well as candy combos. With the assistance of boosters like the lollipop hammer, you will be able to blast your way through the puzzle that has confused you for a considerable amount of time! By blasting jam as well as chocolate, you will get candy juice at every level. Your ultimate mission is to become the master of the candy kingdom. What’s more, you can expect new levels added to the game every other week, so you will never get enough of the game because you will always get new challenges!

As for the advantages and disadvantages of the game, first of all, speaking of its advantages, Candy Crush Saga contains rich awards and players can gain extra boosters as well as other rewards like tasty candies by spinning the daily booster wheel. With those boosters, you will be at a vantage point and win the game with less effort! Secondly, filled with trillions of sugar-sweet levels, players can choose from a wide variety of modes and try diverse ways to explore the Candy Crush Saga world. You can either decide to play the game from easy to hard, or online or offline. Thirdly, the game is more than a single-play game and you can invite your friends to compete with you to see who will get to the top of the leaderboard. 

Furthermore, the game is free of charge, so parents can rest assured that their children are playing the game. In terms of its negative aspects, for instance, the game displays in-app ads, which might somewhat disturb the gameplay experience of players. However, you are free to turn off this function in your device’s settings. Apart from that, the game is also blamed by players for having too many levels which are too hard for them to pass unless you spend money to buy boosters as well as extra moves, which is quite money-consuming. Lastly, the daily challenge now forces players to join, which is rather annoying for those who don’t want to take on those challenges. Nevertheless, Candy Crush Saga is a successful Match-3 game that has won recognition from both app stores and players all around the world. As long as the game’s developing team pay attention to the existing problems, the game is set to win the heart of users. In a word, Candy Crush is strongly recommended for players.

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