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Wanna get away from the daily hustle and bustle of the city and regain your inner peace in nature yet have no chance even to take a leave from the company or school? Township offers you a precious chance to experience rural life virtually while playing the role of a farm owner. Township is developed by Playrix and is free of charge for players to install on their mobile devices. However, it will display ads to sustain its free services for its players. Also, in-app purchases are available so players can experience the premium features of the game. By now, Township has received an average rating score of 4.7 stars out of 5 based on Google Play statistics. What’s more, the game has been reviewed by 10.4 million players while having been installed more than 100 million times. Township is recommended for everyone, no matter whether you are a child or an adult. The game features city-building as well as farming elements, making you fully immersed in the management of the virtual farm world. Endless fun is waiting for you to explore!


So what you will exactly do on the farm? First of all, you will work as a farmer and harvest crops. Then, you can process those crops in your farm’s facilities and earn money by selling those processed products made of crops. Moreover, trading with foreign countries is possible. Apart from running farms, you will be able to open other establishments like restaurants, cinemas, and so on to enrich your town life. By extracting the mine, you will gain precious mine resources while discovering ancient antiques. There is also a zoo for you to manage and you can collect animals from all over the world to make your zoo more attractive.


Multiple features and highlights are open for players to explore, including the town-building game mechanics as well as the decorating function to create your dream place, growing and harvesting crops to produce by-products and trade with foreign countries to make more money, and interactive town people for you to interact with, who will give you orders to fill to earn more money. Further features are available for players to explore, varying from the mine packed with treasures, animals to take care of, and decoration items like flags as well as landmarks. In case you feel lonely in the game, you can also invite your Facebook and Google+ friends to join the game. Ads are of low frequency and you will hardly find the ads annoying. You can also new friends directly in the game. But there are always two sides to one coin. To play the game, you must have an internet connection and it will be impossible for you to play the game offline. Also, crafting items is time-consuming and some events don’t match your current level, which makes you feel hard to conquer the challenges.


All in all, Township is an excellent game featuring awesome concepts and is rich in content. It keeps entertaining players by offering them multiple challenges in crop harvesting, farm expansion, and decoration, town establishment building, zoo running, mine extracting, and product making. Yet, the game mechanics should be improved and it is suggested that the developers should think out of a way for players to enjoy most features of the game offline. In a word, Township is strongly recommended for players because it is filled with fun experiences and it will bring players happiness and refreshment by allowing them to have a break and spend time in virtual rural areas while having a break from their daily busy lives.


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