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If you are a parent who looks forward to letting their kids try to color pages using their imagination and creativity, then this game called Disney Coloring world, which you can probably understand what the game is all about, would be a great fit for the demand. There are 1500 pages for your kids to color which is quite a lot so it will take quite a long time for your kids to finish all of them. I feel like this app can be a great tool for parents who want their kids to spend time by themselves and leave the parents be while the kids are playing the game. But I’m just saying that the game isn’t bad since it has all those great comments at the beginning. Still, things are shifting somehow for this quite fascinating free game.


There are so many characters that you will see in this game and I promise you even if you are the greatest fan of the whole Disney industry, you still wouldn’t be able to know all of the characters that are in the game. I personally use this app sometime not for kids but just to get in there and check out those characters even though I don’t know them. And if I find someone who looks interesting or can be full of stories, I would just go online and do some research about them as a habit of some kind. But I would say the coloring option in the game is quite diverse which means that you can choose however you want to color papers and those images.


This game isn’t just for kids, if you are an adult who knows nothing about painting or drawing, this game will be your great foundation stone for your future success. It provides you the tool to become better and better in those fields by giving you the shapes and all you need to do is to use your imagination and just paint the way you think it should become. There are also 3D playsets which are surprising to see here but I guess the developers did try their very best to impress those kids and parents by making the game more advanced. This feature makes the game more explorable and makes the game more things to try out.


There are also hidden surprises in the game which I find simply straightforward as an adult but for kids, I think they will enjoy solving the puzzles and mysteries of the game. The game has progress that you will follow, so it’s not like just some random game you can choose to paint whatever pages you wish to, you would have to unlock more pages along the way. I feel like this feature can be super frustrating and annoying for me as an adult because I’m goal driven. I don’t just go into the app and do whatever the game has for me, but it’s quite the opposite for the kids. The game will take you through Disney world at the same time when you draw and paint through everything.


The game has gotten more greedy over the years. If you choose to stop paying at some point in your subscription, your kids or yourself will lose all the progress in the game which is just unbelievable. The game is about saving those creations may be to look back for the future. If the developers are taking this feature away from people, it would make 0 sense for people to play them. It still comes as a shock how greedy the developers are and they didn’t even have a coping strategy for this situation.

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