Sonic the Hedgehog™ Classic


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Are you a fan of the Sega game industry or have you ever heard about the game called Sonic the Hedgehog TM classic? If you are a big fan of the classic Sega game, then this game will fit you perfectly. You will be flashing through the race with your unbelievable speed and you will be playing Sonic in the game. And as always, the poor man DR. Eggman is your final boss.


Although it’s a great replication of the original version and grants the players to play the old game on their new modern phone, it has more features that are being added to it. You can play this game at 60 fps with vintage graphics. It’s just super dope to see modern-day technology get combined with vintage games. It’s a great combination for all I care about. The game will run smoothly if your model cell phone is up to date and the background which everyone knows of was remade apparently. I love the music since it’s of higher quality and still sounds like the old one but even better. The game’s replication is a big win in my perspective since it gives people the chance to play it one more time for the old days’ sake. There are modes like when there is a time restriction that you will overcome as you challenge yourself through it. I love this mode since it makes the game more playable in the long run because I get to challenge myself over and over again. The thrill of making a goal and achieving is the most fascinating thing that I can get from games.


There are also more playable characters like your oldest friends, Tails, and Knuckles. If you are familiar with the character, you know that each one of them possesses a different ability to either play on top of the water or climb at a fast speed, etc. It’s definitely the new way of exploring the old world. As someone who played both versions of the game, I would tell you that this game is well made, and the details it has still make me feel like it’s a part of my old memory. If you are a fan of the 90s game, not particularly Sonic, you will love this game as much as I will do. The game quality is improved and also you get to do more things on the game as well.


The game, despite its excellent in content-wise, still has flaws like bugs and glitches. It seems like the game isn’t compatible with all of the controllers and attached gaming setup. This is can be a little tricky for those who look forward to using such for their ultimate gaming experience. I would feel a little frustrated if one of the controller buttons just won’t work for no reason. The game won’t fix itself apparently so even restarting the game or uninstalling will not solve the problem. It will run slowly for those who have older versions of phones so that’s a bummer because this is not considered user-friendly.


I feel that there are too many ads that are slowing the game down and to be honest, you won’t see any ads in the original version of the game so I guess the gaming industry is more concentrated on getting profit than making the gaming experience to a higher level. Some glitches will prevent you from getting rewards and an online version of the game. So this added feature on the game seems like a complete waste if players won’t be able to access them at all.

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