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Pokemon go is one the best game and most legendary games that’s been in mobile game history and I can’t express how impressed and excited I was when it first came out. The interaction and exploration features of the game starts a new era of mobile games and it set up the foundation for the games after it. What’s the best thing about the game if you choose to ask me, I would say how it makes people get into the wild and explore the world through multiple locations.


People get to walk around different places on their feet and explore the Pokemon they want to capture. It gathers people around in society and makes those who love Pokemon together and make them realize how great and wonderful the community is and how empowered each other is in playing this game and their love for Pokemon. The game is highly interactive and makes you have a strong connection with your Pokemon no matter who they are. The game has a high degree of freedom in what you can be doing, you can choose to play the game chill with no competition at all or you can choose to challenge others with higher CP points or those who look more powerful.


You get to leave your footprints all over the world if you wish to by playing the game. Also not to mention the collection of Pokemon in this game is insanely accurate and as a Pokemon fan, I love the game for that because it grants the fans a chance to see all of them and pretend they are our best friends and they are actually part of our lives which is just an amazing feeling you can get from any other games.


Some might claim the game has potential risks for people wandering around just to capture Pokemon and people could run into traffic when they are chasing Pokemon or get into personal property without realizing it. It could cause unnecessary trouble but I feel like a majority of us know what exactly we are doing so there isn’t any harm to ourselves and others which wouldn’t make the potentially harmful anymore but it should bring people fun instead of harm.


Also, the fact that all the competitions and arenas are placed in the inner town and not in a rural area makes the game more reliable and less threatening to personal risks. I feel like the game is also quite adaptive toward how would the cartoon and anime would capture Pokemon which makes the game more relatable for those who played similar games or have watched the cartoon before. Upgrading and leveling your buddies could be hard and it takes time but one day you might become the guy who has all the Pokemon or the guy who stands on top of the arena with no opponents depending on what you want from the game.


The game is also designed for friends to have a good time together so it’s always an option for people to get in a group and explore the neighborhood if they wish to just capture Pokemon. You will also be given the chance to create your team of Pokemon by simply clicking in the team tab and it’s not just the levels or the CPs that matter in the game but the arrangement and the structures in the game that matter even more. The 3D setting in the game makes the creatures look more realistic and makes people even more involved with the game and at the same time makes people fall in love with those Pokemon.

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