Angry Birds 2


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Angry Birds 2 is another version of great outstanding version of the series. There are so many Angry Birds that they will surprise you with how unique and wonderful. Millions of players might agree with me about its popularity. The best thing I love about his version of the Angry bird has to the fact that the game isn’t too commercial or being built into the whole franchise.


The game makes me feel like when I first started playing on the oldest version of my smartphone and the nostalgic feeling that it has for me is just fulfilling. If you are someone who played this game before but wants to download the game once more when you can, I would recommend Angry Bird 2 because there won’t be overwhelming information that you will have to put yourself through and the interface and straightforward mechanism will make your gaming less stressful and more relaxing.


The feature is more than just birds crashing into pigs. There mission where you can cooperate with your friends and other players and you can rank yourself on the rank ladder if you are good enough with the game. There is updating and interesting mode that will motivate you to open the app every day to have a good sense of what Angry bird is really like. I feel like the game is about skills and also the selection of orders of the bird going in is the most crucial and determining factor in the success of gaming. Not for everyone, but my personal emotional attached part of the game is the back story of why the birds are fighting the pigs. It’s about parental care for the lost children and bird eggs that’s been taken by the pigs. They want justice and they want to get their children back. So every time you see a bird flying into the structures that the pig built up, you will realize how tremendous that feeling of love is. So anytime I see anyone saying that an angry bird is just a bird shooting itself into pigs and nothing more, I will be a little upset that there are players who can’t read the story thoroughly and just playing a game without the core of it. I mean I understand that games are just for a fun time, but for me as a gamer, games have more meaning to me and I will also love to know the background story that everyone seems to ignore.


The game has all the features you will expect from the angry Bird franchise. You will get daily missions where you will be spending a couple of minutes to get the reward and those challenges are relatively easy because it’s designed to be easy so everyone would be able to pass the missions. There are useful resources and rewards for an upgrade from the daily missions. So if you have the time, please do that as that will make your life go easier. You will be using leather to upgrade your characters and boost their points in the game if you care about ranking. There are so many levels that some of them can be easy and some of them are hard.


The game suffers from glitches and bugs which is quite surprising since it’s from a big corp and not just any small mobile game developers. So I don't know why the game developers won’t even control that factor. It’s like there are times that the advertisement will keep showing up on your screen and whenever I try to close the ads once for good but they will lead me directly to the app page which isn’t even relatable. This is just weird and frustrating if the developers can’t fix this.

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