Papa's Cupcakeria To Go!


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Papa’s Cupcakeria To Go! is a similar game to one of the other games, that you probably heard about, Papa’s Freezeria To Go! from the same franchise. The title of the game tells you directly what the game is totally about. It’s about offering to-go cupcakes for those who might be interested. I love the characters, especially for how they look because they look like the characters you will see in Simpson. The fact that all of the characters look exactly the same keeping all the franchises consistent makes me realize how big of an industry these games have for kids and all of their players.


The graphics and interface won’t be the best you will find yourself at. The game was almost published a decade ago so I’m with whatever the game has for me. The cupcake factory or I might call it shop, doesn’t necessarily look like something you would imagine yourself at in a real-world cupcake shop. But I love how those people are just standing there and waiting for me to get them cupcakes. They all look different and I love some of their outfits and hairstyles since it’s unique and full of surprises. It’s just something that I wouldn’t imagine seeing in real life. Still, if you’ve familiarized yourself with the franchise, you would know the process of making cupcakes is practically the same as what you would have done outside of your phone.


Sometimes I wonder if the developers were chief before creating all the games. So the guideline and instructions in the game are crucial for your success so please do pay attention to those details if you want to get better in the game in the future. If you are just someone who wants to do random stuff on the game, then you don’t have to do what the game tells you to do although some of the customers won’t be too happy about that.


The game will run on any modern-day Android device since it was published such a long time ago. The control system and UI UX aren’t bad in the game. Missions are waiting for you to solve and resolve because you seem like the managers of the shop so it’s your job to make sure everything is running smoothly. The customers, despite their unique and cool-looking appearance, could be a pain to handle because they would give the weirdest instructions for their cupcakes so you would have to prepare yourself in handling that.


You will be spending a lot of your time dragging your finger across the screen so all the details and parts of the cupcakes require a lot of work like what you would have done in a realistic setting. This feature relates to me the most because it reminds me how hard it is to work in a cupcake shop or in general how hard it is to work. This game will give everyone a feeling of what’s like to work in the industry and will make the consumers realize how hard it is to make something happen so maybe in the future those customers will take that in mind and be nicer to those who work in the shop.


If you’ve played this game on your computer before, you will realize the game is quite the same as what you would have played on the computer. There are more updates and more content on the mobile phone version of the game. The game is progressing but still doesn’t require a lot of space which makes the game function perfectly on devices now with huge amounts of storage.

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