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Experience double enjoyment of matching and decorating within a single game called Royal Match! As a match-3 puzzle game, Royal Match provides you with even more fun by enabling you to decorate the castle of the king throughout the gameplay process. See if you will make it to the end and finish the decorating of the castle! This game was developed and launched by Dream Games and is free for players worldwide to install. However, it does contain in-app purchases so as to maintain its free services for its players. According to the statistics presented on Google Play, so far, Royal Match has received an average rating score of 4.6 stars together with 3.3 million reviews and has been installed more than 50 million times by players all around the world. Moreover, Royal Match was successfully selected as the awardee of the reward called Editors’ Choice by Google Play, which fully suggests its huge success.


So what is the game about? Generally speaking, in the game, players will be challenged by levels of matching puzzles with increasing difficulty. Meanwhile, there is a character who is a king and he needs your help in decorating his castle. The more rounds of the game you win, the more gorgeous you can decorate his castle. The operation and game mechanics are quite easy to grasp. It only takes players to swipe between different colors of blocks to match those blocks in the same color in order to eliminate those blocks, and your final goal is to clear up the board in this way! Are you ready to embark on this exciting adventure?


Now let’s look at the strength as well as the weakness of the game. When it comes to its strengths, to begin with, Royal Match is supported by amazing animation design teams, ensuring players have a high-standard and immersive gameplay experience thanks to its excellent visual designs. Secondly, the game is rich in content and players will never get bored of the game because thousands of challenging matches are waiting for you to solve. Thirdly, every time you manage to unlock new areas, an ample amount of coins will be rewarded to you, with which you can buy decorations for the King’s castle. Fourthly, whenever you get stuck in the middle of the gameplay, you can always resort to boosters, which speed up your gameplay process and make your win easier. Apart from playing the game on your own, you can also participate in various competitions and events to compete with millions of other players worldwide. Finally, no internet connection is required for you to play the game so you can always enjoy the game regardless of where you go. Albeit its impressive strengths, Royal Match still has some flaws and problems to fix. For instance, the game tends to ask players to pay for the game and if you don’t, you might not be able to perform ideally in the game. As a result, some players might end up spending quite a lot of money on the game. Thus, parents and those who have a weak sense of self-control, should stay alert and try not to spend too much while playing this game.


On the whole, Royal Match is a fantastic and fun match-3 game combining features of decoration. Within the game, players will have endless fun and it is a good way to take a break. By competing with other players online, you can also socialize yourself and share your leaderboard performance with others on social media to get more likes! Royal Match is definitely worth a try!

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