Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Classic


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Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Classic is such a wonderful game that is worth more attention than ever. It will take you back to the older generation of gaming and it’s quite nostalgic for me since I played Sonic games on PSP when I was younger and I love seeing vintage games being published on mobile phones because I get to try them out in a new way and from a new perspective.


The game functions the same as how it was before and that’s the way so many people are in love with this mobile game. I feel like the game will bring back some of the oldest memory of some people. This game is also of the most-sold Sega games and if you haven’t tried this masterpiece before on other platforms, I would assume you have access to a mobile phone so it’s not too late to give this masterpiece a shot to see if you like it at all. The mission is simple in this game, your job is to play the superhero Sonic the Hedgehog, tails, and knuckles to save the world from Dr. Eggman. I know this might sound childish and cheesy but the game won’t disappoint you. There are multiple areas in different settings and you get to experience them all as the game progress. You will be running around on the map with those inspiring characters. The mechanism of the game is simple and not complicated at all since all you need to do is to run and job and turn. There are modes that you can choose from which is quite cool since it grants you the option of choosing the one you feel the most connected to which means you don’t have to spend hours and hours just doing certain tasks just for something else.


There are ads in the game so be aware of that, if you don’t want any ads and just want to play the clean version of the game, I would recommend getting the ad remover which can be purchased in the game. You can save your progress which is the best feature but I’m not sure the game progress will be uploaded to the cloud server since it’s a single-person offline game. If the game will synchronize all progress and gives players the chance of playing it over multiple devices, it would be just amazing. There is a ranking system in the game so if you want to get your feet wet and compete with those other players, you always can. The game grant you access to use different controller which I find useful. Because then I don’t need to use my finger to drag around the screen and play the game with my finger. I’ve always loved to play games with a controller and the fact that you are using a modernized controller to play a vintage game makes it even more interesting.


There might be some glitches and bugs you will run into in the game but it’s all minor and I already appreciate the developers for making the game look like the ones in my memory on the mobile phone. Sometimes defeating the final enemy will cause the game to crash but overall the gaming experience of this game is just amazing. I look forward to more products from Sega and redoing the old work will be the priority of my research. If the developers can keep track of the game and make sure it doesn’t run into any technical difficulties is the main thing that I think to keep the game alive in the long run.

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