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Have you ever heard about one of the most famous games, called Angry Birds? Well, multiple versions of the game are still popular on the market and today I will take you into this one called, Angry Birds Friends. The game will take you to 26 new and different words to compete with the pigs. Your main objective in the game is still the same as you would in other versions of the game. You will be spending time shooting your birds at the pigs and making sure that you have the least casualties but cause the most harm to the pigs.


There are competitive modes every week on different days. I feel like this mode gives those who take Angry birds to the next level a chance of competing with one another. I’m not that competitive and my main objective of gaming is just to have fun so those modes aren’t really for me. But I can tell you if you are wanting to compete, like my friend Pete, you will have a total wholesome blast with others around the globe. If you won, then you can get into the next ladder of ranking and there are rewards for high-status ranking.


I feel like the version of the game is only for those who are interested in competing with others instead of a chill and relaxing gaming environment. The game has been released a long time and there are still quite a lot of people that kept playing the game because of its constant update and challenges. I love some of the levels’ design because it makes the game more interesting the original setting of pigs sitting far apart. There are levels where pigs are located together so you would imagine how good that feels to crash the pigs once and for all. And despite new maps and new designs, the birds are still original which means there aren’t any big surprises that will make you overwhelmed with what to do in the game. They each will possess unique power and if you want to get good at the game, I would recommend you of memorizing as many abilities as possible because they differ and some of the birds are designated for the specific structure of the pigs’ defense.


Although the tournament is still going on the complex information is causing a lot of stress to the players. It’s not satisfying for many because there are just too many elements and details in the game that you need to be careful of. I know this version of the game is supposed to be competitive but still, it should be a game not work. There aren’t too many strategies that you need to get through everything which means this version of the game doesn’t differ that much as you might have imagined. So I think if the developers could make the design a little more complicated and make sure that well-thought strategy matters will make players more likely to stick to the game in the long run.


The background map is well designed but there is just too much to pay attention to in levels and you wouldn’t even tell where the birds and the pigs are if you don’t zoom in on your phone. The fact that it’s a mobile phone game, it shouldn’t be that complicated for players to try out. I feel like the developer to make sure the game runs smoothly and there aren’t any glitches realizing that this game has been here for a decade. As an Angry Birds fan, I would hope they pay more attention to the old games.

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