Angry Birds Journey


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Angry Birds Journey is one of the cutest and child-friendly games in the angry bird Franchise. The birds and pigs are just adorable that you just want to have one of them in real life. I guess this game will promote a lot of stuffed animals sell in the real world for how amazing they look. Thankful for the developers and the painters, the game looks amazing and I love their advertisement video as well because of how cute it is and how well it was organized together.


The app store page of in-game content will make you love the game already for those drawings. I love how each of the pigs and the birds have different emotions and feelings on their face. And there aren’t any awkward matches between the pigs and what kind of emotion they are expressing. This is a great attempt to connect to the players as we get to connect with the pigs and birds and it’s more like those players are emerged in the world of Angry Birds.


I mean I understand that this game is for kids the majority of the time but as an adult who couldn’t resist the charm of cuteness, this game make me fall in love as soon as I saw it in the first place. There are puzzles and different levels of challenges that are there waiting for me to get through. The mechanism and the control system are quite easy to understand for those who might be young or old so especially simple for people like me. This version of the Angry Birds Franchise is not competitive at all and it’s just full of surprises of being relaxing and fun. Your main objective is to collect gold coins and get rewards from there. The game still has a cute background story in which you are in an exploration of the outside world. I love reading those little stories in the game because that’s the thing that will connect me and the game. The game is relatively new in comparison to Angry Bird 2 so the UI and UX system is extraordinary so I would guess that if you have the newest version of your phone, you should have no trouble playing this wholesome game.


The best thing about the game is that you don’t have to spend a single penny on it since it’s free to download and there are only a limited number of advertisements that will stand in your way of a fun time. The bird won’t fly in random directions but where you tell them to go. The game will start up fun but there are things you should be aware of. When you achieved a higher level, everything seems a little random, you don’t have to use your skills but somehow would be able to pass the mission after 100 tries because of luck. I feel like this would take away the fun of Angry Bird since it shouldn’t be a game that’s based on luck but should be a game that’s based on skills and angles. Some missions are impossible to get through and if a player gets stuck in the middle of that level, it’s more like they will get frustrated and eventually uninstall the game because it’s not fulfilling and wasting their time. This happens to me all the time because whenever I’m in that situation, I’m more inclined to spend my time on other games instead of wasting my time on a single level of challenge in Angry Bird. So if the developers can fix that so the players do not let them get stuck and use luck, the game would be even better.

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