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If you have to ask me what’s the most memorable and iconic game that’s in mobile game history, I would think about it a lot, to be honest. But if you want to ask me which one of them you stick the longest with, has to be the Supercell production, clash of Clans. It’s such a legendary game that struck you for how amazing it is when it first came out.


I’ve been playing this game since a long time ago and I can tell you that this game stays strong even till the present day even with all the competition it has. It’s just a wonderful game that whenever people see a barbarian face, they will automatically link the face to the game of Clash of Clans. The best part about this game is the fact that it’s actually about the clans that you join. You will have the responsibility to protect your clan and invade and harvest from other clans. It’s a game about strategic moves and how to arrange your armies to fight the most enemies and harvest the most gold at the minimum cost. I feel like the game would be seen from a different perspective from different age groups and every one of them has some brilliant ideologies of how to set up the army or the wall and the defense infrastructure just to defend itself.


You can play this game worldwide without a question being asked. It’s an online game in that you will have a connection with other players in clans. There are more than enough characters you can choose from the army pool and each one of them possesses one unique power which is quite fabulous to take a look at. The combat graphics and how the game looks, in general, are outstanding and to be fair enough, supercell has three iconic games under their production like brawl Stars and Clash Royals but Clash of Clans is the only one that can be considered as a classic in my opinion. The star rating system makes you realize that you can only get all stars if you have a good troop that’s positioned in the right position and also the fact that leveling up and developing their power are the two crucial aspects to the success of the game. The leveling-up process in the game can be a little hard in the game because it requires a lot of time and effort but the progress of putting in effort and looking at the outcome is one of the most self-fulfilling and achieving feelings that I’ve experienced in games. The building is also the key factor to keeping your trophies by not letting your enemies set foot in your town.


There are a lot of elements in the game but I think the game is simple enough that you won’t get overwhelmed by how many things you should be worried about. It’s not the type of game that you need to spend a couple of hours on the game for you to get good at it because training troops and building up or leveling up your building take days and those factors make this game an outstanding relaxing and powerful game. I feel like the game has no problems at all probably because I’m a fan but the fact that people are still playing it when the game is already super old can tell a lot. The only thing I would ask for in the game has to be to allow more gems given free to the players so that way, I would level up my armies faster and get more resources!

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