Pokémon Masters EX


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Are you ever interested in becoming one of the Pokemon Trainers when you were a kid after watching the anime cartoon series? I don’t know too much about you but I would give it a go when I was thinking about it. If your answer is yes then the game called Pokemon Masters EX would make your dream come true.


In the game, you will become a part of the trainer's lodge and you will be making connections with those trainers and get their photos and stories. The reason why I love this feature and this part of the game has to do with the emotional and informational details the game has for us. It’s like you are in a world where Pokemon actually exist and those people are the best in their field and they are iconic in their ways. They are the masters you will connect the most to and the fact that the game gives you information and photos for every one of them make it easier to connect to the game. I love the stories the game conveys to use since as many of you might have known, the anime has a perfect storyline that everyone loves. So I love seeing well thought and organized storylines in a game like this because it will make me connect more to the game.


In the game, you are also asked to fight against the villains. Team Rocket is the main opponent you will be facing in the game and if you can still remember correctly, they are the funny but the most amazing villains in the anime world. Everyone loves them and imagine yourself fighting them and other evil organizations in the game, it’s just a whole blast with the stories in the darkness. It starts a new chapter of how the stories will unfold.


The clothing system in the game might not behave best in designs as you wish in other clothing games but this is a game for Pokemon and the message the clothes carry are the main thing that the developers are trying to get us to pay attention to. The stories behind the clothes are what matter the most and the trainers who are wearing those clothes will have their connection to the clothes. That’s one of the reasons I feel like the game wouldn’t attract any young population since it’s not about fighting and adventures. It’s a relatively slow game for people to go slowly into it to get the full taste of it. The texts you will be reading and the environment you will emerge yourself into are the two things the developers are trying to mention the most in this game.


You can still hatch eggs if you’d like to in this game and you can still get Pokemon as you wish. The game gives you the choice to add Pokemon to your team and fight along each other’s sides to get on top of the tier. Your main objective in the fighting scenario would be winning and that’s it.


Although the game might sound super fun and interesting, it has detrimental flaws. The game will crash on you in multiple locations. It’s not just about lagging or delay of response on gaming. It’s crashing or it’s worse and it can’t be fixed which makes the game unplayable. I don’t know why exactly this is happening but I have to say the developers aren’t on top of it unfortunately. There is nothing that’s being fixed at present and it seems like this problem has occurred in a lot of phones and from a lot of players’ complaints.

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